Customizing Page Templates (*.asp)
You can customize the appearance of your content page to meet your specific needs. ePublisher provides several customization options, such as where to display company information, browse buttons, and breadcrumbs. These options allow you to achieve a professional result in your generated output.
You may want to further customize your content page design. ePublisher provides this flexibility by allowing you to override the Page.asp file, which defines the appearance and behavior of your content page. However, if you customize this file, some customization options in the ePublisher console may no longer affect your content page design.
For example, you can override the Page.asp file to add a graphic bar across the top of the page with the product logo and name. You can also add a graphic bar across the bottom of the page with a copyright and a link to your company Web site and customer support area. You can also modify the formatting and layout of the default page design options, such as the company information options.
To override the Page.asp file
1. In your Stationery design project, on the View menu, click Project Directory. For more information about override files and locations, see Stationery, Projects, and Overrides.
2. If you want to override the processing for an output format, create the Formats\formattype\Pages folder in your project folder, where formattype is the name of the output format you want to override, such as Dynamic HTML.
3. If you want to override the processing for a target, create the Targets\targetname\Pages folder in your project folder, where targetname is the name of the target you want to override.
4. Copy the Page.asp file from the following folder to the override folder you created within your project folder:
Program Files\WebWorks\ePublisher Designer\Formats\formattype\Pages
5. Open the Page.asp file you copied to your project override folder in a text editor.
6. Modify the Page.asp file as needed.
7. Save and close the Page.asp file.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021