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ePublisher Designer allows you to create Stationery that writers can base their projects on. The Stationery stores the style settings and customized files used to define how ePublisher transforms your content. When writers create projects based on Stationery, their projects copy the customized files and settings from the Stationery and use those customized files when processing the content included in their projects. In this way, customized files in the projects override the default ePublisher files. The Stationery also allows you to quickly roll out changes to your customized processes and settings. Once you update your Stationery, writers are notified when they open a project based on the Stationery to synchronize with the Stationery, which incorporates your latest changes.
ePublisher uses file and folder locations to provide a structure where you can create and store override files. An override file is a customized file stored in a parallel location in a project or Stationery that is used to process the source documents instead of the default ePublisher file stored in the installation folders. These files customize how ePublisher transforms your content. ePublisher uses the following locations to store its files:
Your project folders
By default, each project is saved in the My Documents\componentname Projects\projectname folder, where componentname is the name of the ePublisher component used to create the project, such as ePublisher Designer or ePublisher Express, and projectname is the name of the project itself.
ePublisher installation folder
By default, ePublisher components are installed in the Program Files\WebWorks folder. The default transformation files are stored with ePublisher Designer in the Program Files\WebWorks\ePublisher\ePublisher Designer folder.
When you generate output for an output format, ePublisher first checks the project folders for the files required to complete the task. If the files are not found in the project folders, ePublisher checks the installation folders. This process allows you to override any default file in the installation folder hierarchy for one or more output formats by placing a customized file with the same name at the correct location in the project folder hierarchy.
Note: Do not modify files in the installation folders. Store customized files only in the project folder hierarchy.
The files used to transform a source document are located in several main folders in the ePublisher installation folder hierarchy:
Contains format-specific XSL files. The default files that you can customize and store in your project folder hierarchy are stored in this folder. The Formats\Shared folder contains XSL files used by multiple formats.
Contains command-line programs to perform specific actions, such as compiling HTML Help .chm files or generating WebWorks Help search indices.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021