Format Trait Info (*.fti) Files
Format Trait Info files have the .fti file extension. Format Trait Info files are located in both the ePublisher Formats\Shared folders, and the Format folders of each target.
In every project, the user has a series of format and style options to customize the appearance of his output. In the ePublisher consoles, these options are accessed and manipulated through target settings and Style Designer. For ePublisher, these customization options are defined in the Format Trait Info files. Manipulating these files allows you to customize the location of options, create or delete options and parameters, adjust their valid values, or choose new default values.
For ePublisher to process a Format Trait Info file, the .fti file must have the same file name, not including the .fti file extension, as an XSL file in the current format folder hierarchy. For example, ePublisher processes the table of contents using the toc.fti and toc.xsl files in the same folder. The information displayed in ePublisher represents all Format Trait Info files associated with a specific format. Two or more Format Trait Info files may define the same <Setting /> element, but the ePublisher console displays that setting only once.
When you generate output, ePublisher reviews the settings specified in target settings and Style Designer, stores the settings in the .wep project file, and incorporates the settings in the generated output.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021