void Document (object input, string path [, string encoding, string method, string version, string indent, string omit_xml_declaration, string standalone, string doctype_public, string doctype_system, string cdata_section_elements, string media_type])
Writes the specified node set to a file at the location defined by path. Optionally uses specified encoding for writing content. Optionally uses specified method (i.e. text, xhtml, xml...) and version. Optionally specify if file is to be formatted with indentation with 'yes' or 'no'. Optionally specify if file will have XML declaration with 'yes' or 'no'. Optionally specify if the file will be standalone with 'yes' or 'no'. Optionally specify public and system doctype modifiers.
XPathNodeIterator LoadXMLWithoutResolver (string uriAsString [, bool preserveSpace])
Loads an XML file without resolving internal paths and validation DTDs.
XPathNodeIterator LoadXMLWithResolver (string uriAsString [, bool preserveSpace])
Loads an XML file while also resolving internal paths and validating DTDs.
XPathNodeIterator MakeEmptyElement (object input)
Converts a non-empty XML node to an empty node.
Detailed Description
Allow multiple output files from an single XSL transform. Also provides routines to quickly load XML files without invoking XML validators as well as utility methods to enable correct output formatting.
Member Function Documentation
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Last modified date: 10/14/2020