bool DocumentExtension (string extension)
Determine if filename 'extension' has a configured input adapter.
bool GetConditionIsPassThrough (string conditionName)
Determines if condition called: 'conditionName' is pass through.
Gets configuration change identifier.
XPathNodeIterator GetContextRule (string ruleTypeAsString, string ruleName, string documentID, string uniqueID)
Gets context rule.
string GetDocumentDataDirectoryPath (string documentID)
Gets document data directory path using 'documentID'.
string GetDocumentGroupPath (string documentID)
Gets document group path using 'documentID'.
string GetDocumentID (string documentPath [, string groupID])
Gets document identifier using 'documentPath' and optionally 'groupID'.
string GetDocumentPath (string documentID)
Gets document path using 'documentID'.
Get string representing all documents in project so checksum can be generated.
string GetFormatID ()
Gets format identifier.
string GetFormatName ()
Gets format name.
string GetFormatSetting (string name)
Gets 'name' format setting.
string GetFormatSetting (string name, string defaultValue)
Gets 'name' format setting but returns 'defaultValue' if no setting configured.
string GetGroupDataDirectoryPath (string groupID)
Gets group data directory path using 'groupID'.
string GetGroupName (string groupID)
Gets group name using 'groupID'.
XPathNodeIterator GetOverrideRule (string ruleTypeAsString, string ruleName, string documentID, string uniqueID)
Gets override rule.
Gets project data directory path.
Gets project directory path.
Gets project documents count.
Gets project files directory path.
Gets project format directory path.
string GetProjectName ()
Gets project name.
Gets project reports directory path.
string GetProjectTargetName ()
Gets project target name currently being processed.
Gets project target override directory path.
XPathNodeIterator GetRule (string ruleTypeAsString, string ruleName)
Gets a rule.
Gets target data directory path.
string GetTargetFilesInfoPath (string targetIDAsString)
Gets target files information path.
Gets target output directory path.
Gets target reports directory path.
Detailed Description
Query for information about the currently running project.
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Last modified date: 10/14/2020