double Convert (double sourceValue, string sourceUnits, string targetUnits)
Convert a measurement from one set of units to another.
string CSSRGBColor (string htmlColor)
Convert the given HTML/CSS color to a hex encoded CSS color. Useful for converting named colors such as green to their hex equivalents.
string EncodingFromCodePage (int codePage)
Determine the HTML encoding for a page given a Windows code page value.
string NumericPrefix (string value)
Extract the numeric prefix of 'value'.
string RTFColor (string htmlColor)
Convert a standard HTML/CSS color to an RTF color.
string UnitsSuffix (string value)
Extract the units suffix of 'value'. Only returns a non-zero length string of there is also a numeric prefix.
Detailed Description
Utility methods for extracting units and value from raw strings along with unit-to-unit conversion routines.
Member Function Documentation
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Last modified date: 10/14/2020