string AsFilePath (string uriAsString)
Converts an uriAsString to a file path.
string AsURI (string filePathAsString)
Converts a file path to an uriAsString.
string EscapeData (string unescapedString)
Convert unescaped string into an escaped URI data.
string EscapeUri (string unescapedUri)
Convert unescaped URI into an escaped URI path.
string GetRelativeTo (string uriAsString, string anchorUriAsString)
Convert an absolute URI into a relative URI.
bool IsFile (string uriAsString)
Determine if the supplied URI refers to the file system.
string MakeAbsolute (string absoluteUriAsString, string uriAsString)
Convert a relative URI into an absolute URI. If the second parameter is already an absolute URI, it will be returned unchanged.
XPathNodeIterator PossibleResolvedUris (string uriAsString)
Convert file paths to URIs.
string Unescape (string escapedString)
Convert URI escaped string into unescaped string (%20 to space, etc.).
Detailed Description
Utility methods which convert to and from file paths and create absolute or relative URIs.
Member Function Documentation
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Last modified date: 10/14/2020