This file is created and stored with the project files.
Each stage completes a small portion of the conversion. A completed stage creates new information that will contribute to the appearance or functionality of the new transform. Upon completion of the stage, the ePublisher Designer engine will write the location of the processed information in the file for use by other stages attempting to complete their pipeline. Each stage may draw information from and deposit information for use by another stage.
The root element of is <Files />. The child elements are <File> and <Depends>.
The <File> element holds the location of the data created by a stage.
The <Depends> element notes the location of data on which that file is dependent.
This file stores the dependencies and locations of files created by the stages defined in format.wwfmt. The ePublisher Designer engine will provide this list of locations in order to process other stages in other pipelines.
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Last modified date: 08/16/2017