Transform Overrides
Users make decisions on a Project’s final output through the ePublisher Designer GUI. Some project modifications, however, cannot be made through the GUI. In these instances, the user may access the XSL files used by the ePublisher Designer engine, make changes, and thereby generate the desired output. Users may even add, modify or delete options in the GUI via Format Trait Info (.fti) overrides.
When output is generated for the first time, ePublisher Designer consults the format.wwfmt file in the format directory that tracks which actions are to be executed to generate the desired format. If there are no user customizations, all the files consulted by format.wwfmt are in the Format or Applications Transforms directories. By default, WebWorks ePublisher Designer will check a project’s local directory for files before seeking the files from the installation directory. Users can override files in the default format files by creating a mirror directory structure within a given Project’s Format or Target Override directory. By placing a file of the same name at the correct location in the Project Format/Target Override directory, any file in a given format within the installation directory may be overridden.
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Last modified date: 08/16/2017