Show Me - September 2010

Targeting Mobile Devices with ePublisher

Mobile devices, such as Apple's iPhone, Google's Android based phones, and RIM's Blackberry, have recently become many users' primary information access tool. Just a few years ago, few could imagine any threats to the dominant use of desktop browsers for content retrieval. Now we turn to our Google Maps app for turn-by-turn directions, read books through eReader interfaces, turn our RSS feeds into magazines via FlipBook, and look for FaceBook apps rather then launching a traditional web browser. This change in behavior demonstrates that successful mobile content requires careful crafting of your deliverable to connect with your audience.

This session will examine ePublisher's capability to target content for mobile devices. We will begin with an overview of available mobile device formats, such as ePUB and Palm Reader. Next, we will demonstrate how ePublisher's flexibility can help you deliver great results without hours of manual effort.

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