Show Me - November 2010

Single-sourcing Content + ePublisher 2010.3

Single-sourcing is the essence of WebWorks ePublisher. The idea is simple: write your content once, deliver your content as your audience demands. This capability empowers communicators to leverage best of breed tools for content creation. ePublisher delivers the content to a variety of formats, including help, wiki, PDF, and the web. The key to success with single-sourcing is the ability to target new formats from an existing project, reusing elements of a project's design while simultaneously leveraging a format's unique capabilities. WebWorks ePublisher 2010.3 introduces a new web based format for information delivery that enables you to leverage the Internet and connect with your audience. With ePublisher's single-sourcing capability, you can start working with this new delivery format almost as soon as you have 2010.3 installed.

Our session begins by reviewing the basics of single-sourcing and demonstrating how ePublisher implements an efficient single-soucing workflow. Next, we will demonstrate features and enhancements found in ePublisher 2010.3, giving particular attention to ePublisher's newest web format. Finally, we will demonstrate how the newest ePublisher format enables you to get closer to your audience.

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