Show Me - December 2010

Conditional Text - Maintaining Content for Multiple Audiences

The need to specialize information based upon user needs or security requirements presents a huge management challenge for content organizations. Several options are available to address this need. One option is to manage multiple topics, one for each audience. Another option is to create multiple topics which are constructed from reusable content blocks. Conditional text provides authors with the ability to store a number of reusable content blocks within a single file. Each content block is associated with one or more target audiences and can be shown or hidden through the application of hide/show rules.

Our session examines the many forms of conditional text management in Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, and OASIS DITA. We will review both simple and later, more complex conditional text examples. The use of ePublisher in managing conditional text settings is also explored. Finally, we will discuss the many reuse capabilities found in DITA and demonstrate how they may be used in conjunction with ePublisher.

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