Show Me - March 2011

ePublisher 2010 - 2010.4 and the Year in Review

The ePublisher 2010.4 release marks the close of the ePublisher 2010 series. Over the past year, WebWorks increased project flexibility, defined a clear path to eBook audiences, and enabled ePubers to build community around content with WebWorks Reverb. Along the way, WebWorks continued to refine ePublisher's capability to publish high-quality results from Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, and OASIS DITA sources.

Our session covers changes made for the ePublisher 2010.4 release, specifically support for FrameMaker 10, and then demonstrates how each quarterly release in 2010 built upon the previous one to enhance your ability to meet your audience's expectations.

NOTE: Performance issues encountered during the webinar have been identified and corrected. The recording has been edited to remove significant delays. The issue occurred due to a conflict between TrendMicro's anti-virus software and Microsoft's Windows Defender.

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