ePublisher 2009.4 Release Notes

ePublisher Q4 2009 Release Notes



 * Maintenance release for the ePublisher 2009 series
 * WebWorks Help security patches "baked in" for all legacy formats
 * Improved FrameMaker session handling, especially during FrameMaker
   crash events
 * Workaround for FrameMaker behavior during equation imaging
 * Format specific corrections for PDF XSL-FO and Confluence
 * MediaWiki deployment improvements
 * Fixes for crashing bugs submitted by users

Invalid Defects

The following defects were found to be invalid after further research::


Fixed Defects

List of defects fixed in this release::

  EPUB228  FrameMaker - Better error reporting when version specified
           not on system
  EPUB233  Confluence - Indent levels render with bullet
  EPUB234  Can't emit paragraph with autonumber in Confluence
  EPUB235  'Pre' causes paragraph output to be emitted "pass through"
           in Confluence
  EPUB293  MediaWiki - Deployment to alternate ports fails
  EPUB296  FrameMaker adapter emits incorrect border information
  EPUB297  FrameMaker adapter doesn't handle tabs in index markers
  EPUB298  Patch security issue in legacy WebWorks Help 5.0 files
  EPUB301  Confluence - Spaces in index entries break links
  EPUB302  Confluence - Reference to {cloak} markup hides content
  EPUB303  Set correct release version in "version.htm" for WWHelp
  EPUB304  Updated icons for Show Customization folders
  EPUB306  Preview feature crashing Pro
  EPUB307  MiniTOCs do not show up in PDF XSL-FO
  EPUB308  DITA - Option to configure "All DITA topics must exist"
           shows enabled, actually disabled
  EPUB309  Last active target not restored on project open
  EPUB310  Blank images appearing in place of some equations
  EPUB311  ePublisher restarts FrameMaker when correct version already
  EPUB312  Conditional text in images not set correctly
  EPUB313  Gracefully handle FrameMaker crashes during image generation
  EPUB314  Crash when navigating to report entry linked to FrameMaker
  EPUB317  Failure creating Express projects from read-only Stationery
  EPUB319  Images not processed from source FrameMaker document