ePublisher 2018.1

On this page you will find information specific to the ePublisher 2018.1 release.

See the Version History for a full list of ePublisher version support.

Release Info

Release Notes

Known Issues

Defect Description Workaround Build of Fix
EPUB1970 Reverb 2.0 - Implement Google Translate Feature None. Check back for patch fix to be made available before 2018.2 release. 2018.2.####
EPUB1971 Reverb - Implicit wildcard word match produces inconsistent search results 2018.1.2677
EPUB1918 Word - Strikethrough text not being detected in source document by adapter 2018.1.2667
EPUB1953 Reverb 2.0 - Link to JavaScript Files Instead of Injecting Directly to Page 2018.1.2667
EPUB1954 Reverb 2.0 - Link to CSS Files Instead of Injecting Directly to Page 2018.1.2667
EPUB1956 Reverb 2.0 - Viewport values on Apple mobile do not match actual viewing area 2018.1.2667
EPUB1957 Reverb 2.0 - TOC links to Page Headings not Scrolling Properly area 2018.1.2667
EPUB1958 Extensions - ExecPython Still Writing Silent Errors and Preventing AutoMap Builds 2018.1.2667
EPUB1960 Reverb 2.0 - Add Analytics Events for Toolbar Buttons 2018.1.2667
EPUB1961 Reverb 2.0 - Search Executes Twice per Submit 2018.1.2667
EPUB1962 Reverb 2.0 - Re-Implement Lightbox Presentation for Images 2018.1.2667
EPUB1963 Reverb 2.0 - Some files not deploying correctly 2018.1.2667
EPUB1964 Installer - Installer Fails on Update Install 2018.1.2667
EPUB1966 Reverb - Keywords Markers are not being indexed for search 2018.1.2667
EPUB1968 Reverb - When Generate Output Option is Disabled words are still indexed for search 2018.1.2667
EPUB1952 Reverb 2.0 - Drop-down icons need a margin adjustment to move them higher 2018.1.2667

Known Issues Explained

We are dedicated to providing regular ePublisher updates throughout the year which include added features and functionality, improved performance, and important bug fixes. However, despite a thorough QA regimen, some issues are bound to slip through the cracks. Here is how we are going to address these issues.

In the days and weeks following each release, we will focus on identifying, diagnosing, and resolving those unforeseen issues that have the biggest impact on all WebWorks users. Those issues will be posted on the release page and the scheduled release in which the defect will be fixed shall be noted.