Welcome to Study Hall

Engage in an Interactive Learning Experience

Study Hall provides a unique opportunity for ePublisher users to participate in a bi-monthly virtual study session. Hosted online, this platform serves as a collaborative environment where you can bring your questions, projects, and curiosity to connect with both WebWorks Developers and fellow users. With a focus on informal, open-ended discussions, Study Hall is the place to enhance your skills and knowledge while fostering connections within the ePublisher community.

Upcoming Study Hall Sessions

  • When: The 2nd and last Wednesdays of the month
  • Time: 11:00 AM Central U.S.A.
  • Where: Your Internet-connected Computer
  • Host: Developer Staff

What to Expect

During Study Hall sessions, you're encouraged to bring your inquiries and projects to the table. This inclusive environment is dedicated to mutual learning and collaboration. It's not about predefined topics or formal presentations; instead, it's a space where knowledge flows freely, ideas are exchanged, and understanding deepens through shared experiences.

How to Participate

To join Study Hall, simply opt-in through the signup form below. One day before the session, you'll receive an email containing the web conference link and instructions. This link will provide you with easy access to the study session. Embrace this opportunity to learn, connect, and expand your ePublisher expertise.

Sign Up for Study Hall

Receive email invitations to our Study Hall sessions by signing up below. Invitations are sent the day before each session, ensuring you have all the details required to join the study session.

For Further Skill Building

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