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CloudDrafts, a cutting-edge cloud solution, revolutionizes collaboration and publishing workflows. Content creators benefit from a dedicated drafting space to showcase progress and invite collaborators to contribute to a unified message. This facilitates seamless file editing, creation, and publishing. Leverage the power of CloudDrafts to effortlessly synchronize your personal draft space with a single-project repository in a single click, efficiently identifying file differences. Streamlining your workflow, CloudDrafts saves your team valuable time and effort while safeguarding committed work.

Elevate Your Publishing Workflow with Direct Publishing

With CloudDrafts, publish and deliver your documentation manually or on a schedule, ensuring high-quality outputs and reliable delivery. Once content is approved, managers can effortlessly initiate publishing directly from CloudDrafts using the integrated ePublisher feature. Experience a seamless blend of collaboration and one-click publishing, revolutionizing your documentation process.

Cloud Publishing

Get the power of ePublisher in the cloud. Publish best-in-class outputs in the cloud with CloudDrafts' collaborative environment.

Team Collaboration

Streamline teamwork with CloudDrafts' collaboration features. Author documents, manage versions, and review your content seamlessly, all in one collaborative workspace.

Scheduling and Job Queues

Collaboration demands powerful tools. CloudDrafts not only delivers industry-leading outputs but also offers real-time job publishing or queuing for uninterrupted workflows.

Snapshot Control

Effective collaboration often requires publishing managers to "snapshot" projects for final adjustments. CloudDrafts enables publishing managers to take snapshots at any point, granting full control over publishing job refinements.

Advanced Collaborative Workflow

User-Friendly Collaboration

CloudDrafts' collaborative workflow is tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses, especially in technical documentation. It smoothly facilitates collaboration across multiple departments and teams, ensuring the delivery of the business' message in the highest-quality outputs.

Project-Centric Workflow

All CloudDrafts documents are systematically organized by project, playing a crucial role in team collaboration. Select the appropriate team members for your documents with project associations and user access controls via an intuitive project user interface. CloudDrafts' project-oriented workflow streamlines management and accountability, even with multiple contributors and departments involved.

Cross-Project Content Reuse

CloudDrafts projects enhance speed and accuracy through content reuse. Easily incorporate documents from one project into another, making them accessible. CloudDrafts' built-in project reference functionality seamlessly links interconnected documentation projects managed by various contributors or departments

Version Control and Peace of Mind

With CloudDrafts, lost edits are a thing of the past. Advanced version control, file and project history, file comparisons, and more guarantee the safety and security of every contribution to any project.

Effortless File Comparison and Change Tracking

CloudDrafts simplifies file comparison, highlighting differences in a user-friendly interface, enabling writers, contributors, and managers to track and recover changes made to any file.

User Management

CloudDrafts offers a highly customizable user architecture, allowing precise control over user access rights for projects. Users can create and manage their projects, creating a versatile access infrastructure for your organization.

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Work From Anywhere

CloudDrafts seamlessly integrates a cloud-based interface for ease of use or direct desktop access for editing files in your draft space. Whether you prefer the cloud's intuitive UI and workflow management tools or a desktop connection for native file editing, CloudDrafts has you covered.

Intuitive SME Editing

CloudDrafts features a user-friendly WYSIWYG SME editor, simplifying the editing of various binary file types, including XML, HTML, DITA, TXT, and more. Customize headings, formatting, styles, and more directly within CloudDrafts or use your preferred editing environment.

Product Tiers

Feature CloudDrafts CloudDrafts Publishing CloudDrafts Suite
Create, Edit, and Share Files in the Cloud
Organize Files in Independently Managed Projects
Role Assignments and Access Controls per Project
Reference Files in Other Projects for Modular Content Management
Built-in Distributed Version Control
Large File Support (up to 1 GB)
Publish FrameMaker, Word, and DITA to PDF, HTML, Reverb, and other formats
Create, Edit, and Maintain Publishing Jobs in the Cloud
Manage/Share Stationery across One or More Projects
Create, Edit, and Maintain Stationery
Complete Customization Control of Publishing Output
Analyze and Test Stationery Prior to Deployment

Experience the future of documentation workflow with CloudDrafts. Empower your team, streamline collaboration, and elevate your content creation and publishing process. Schedule a demo today to discover how CloudDrafts can transform your documentation efforts.

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