ePublisher Designer - Mastering the Art of Digital Publishing

Introducing ePublisher Designer

ePublisher Designer is at the forefront of digital publishing design, offering unparalleled control and flexibility. This powerful component is essential for crafting, configuring, and maintaining the style and behavior of your online publications across various formats. It stands as a central hub for your organization's shared stationery, ensuring cohesive design and streamlined deployment. Tailored for those who shape and uphold your organization's publishing standards, ePublisher Designer is the go-to tool for elevating your digital content.

Why ePublisher Designer?

Unified Multi-Channel Publishing: Effortlessly create multiple format targets from a single stationery set. Whether it's for websites, help systems, print, or XML processing, ePublisher Designer adapts to your evolving channel publishing needs.

Comprehensive Styling Control: Gain complete mastery over your layout and style properties. Our intuitive GUI, aligned with CSS2 standards, allows for selective inheritance or overriding of source template properties.

Efficient Style and Behavior Modification: Modify existing styles and behaviors with ease using our organized built-in XSL files. Implement special requirements without the hassle of complex migrations or future product upgrades.

Customizable Online Features: Tailor your content's online features, such as breadcrumbs, related topics, mini-TOCs, and integrated PDF links, through our user-friendly GUI.

Key Features of ePublisher Designer

Advanced Table Styling: Tables can either mirror the style of your source documents or be custom-tailored for online publishing needs.

Sophisticated Graphic Handling: Manage your graphics effortlessly with features like automatic scaling, resizing, and conversion to web-ready formats, including JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

Global Reach with Translation and Localization: Embrace a global audience with full multilingual text encoding and locale support, including comprehensive support for double-byte languages.

Empower Your Publishing with ePublisher Designer

ePublisher Designer is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for digital publishing excellence. It's designed for those committed to maintaining the highest standards in digital content presentation and accessibility. Whether you're evolving existing content or creating new avenues for digital expression, ePublisher Designer stands ready to transform your vision into reality. Connect with us to explore how ePublisher Designer can redefine your digital publishing journey.

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