FTI Article

A new draft of the FTI is available.

by Jesse Wiles
November 12, 2007

I've published a draft of the article on FTI. I'd like to formally request comment from anyone who has a cycle or two to go through it; what's good about it, what's bad about it, etc. You can email me directly, and I will try to update it as needed. Alternatively, if you've got a login to the wiki, please feel free to post any feedback directly in the draft.

Currently the Draft does not include the wiki format as I am still debating the best way to make this available. Can I assume that our users have access to a directory diff program like Araxis Merge or WinMerge? If not, I might try to deliver the format with an HTML diff report, with the idea that this might be the easiest way to keep track of the changes I made to Ben's base wiki format.

Update: I've added the wiki format to the article, along with a brief description of the contents of the format. Missing is a detailed description of how the Wiki format was created, as this probably belongs in another topic.

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