Screen Capture Programs

Recommendations for screen capture tools discussed at a Open House, including categories and best-in-class options.

by Tony McDow
August 15, 2008

At a recent Open House, a discussion about good tools for capturing computer screens came up, and I recalled that I had actually done quite a bit of research and experimentation with these types of tools. I also had put together a short write-up on my company's internal wiki about the topic. Now I realize that others might find this information useful, so I have made it available on our main wiki site. Read more.

In a nutshell, here were my findings:

Best in Class for:

Static Screen Capture

  • TechSmith's: Snag It

Dynamic Screen Capture (category 1)

  • Blue Berry's: FlashBack
    • Category 1: focuses on routine training and recording tasks where there are minimum requirements for modifying the resulting output

Dynamic Screen Capture (category 2)

  • TechSmith's: Camtasia
    • Category 2: focuses on special applications requiring post-editing, scaling, and the remixing of audio and video

Light-weight Static and Dynamic Screen Capture

  • From the TechSmith folks: Jing

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