ePublisher 101 Training

ePublisher 101: Your Fundamental ePublisher Training

Welcome to ePublisher 101, your gateway to understanding the core components of ePublisher Designer and Express. In this engaging four-hour training course, we'll unravel the mysteries of ePublisher's workflow and philosophy. Have you ever questioned why changes in your source content don't seamlessly reflect in your output? Are you looking to demystify the distinctions between targets and outputs? Perhaps you're seeking practical insights into utilizing ePublisher to streamline your stationery work. If any of these resonate with you, ePublisher 101 is the perfect opportunity to gain clarity.

What We'll Cover

  • ePublisher Workflow: We'll start with a deep dive into the ePublisher workflow and its underlying philosophy.
  • ePublisher Designer: Get hands-on with ePublisher Designer, exploring essential concepts and gaining practical experience.
  • Nested Paragraph Styles: Witness the power of nested paragraph styles through live demonstrations.
  • Using Multiple Input Formats: Discover how to use multiple input formats effectively to enhance your content creation process.
  • Hands-On Designer Practice: Apply what you've learned in Designer through practical exercises.
  • Targets and Stationery: Understand the significance of targets and stationery in ePublisher projects.
  • ePublisher Express: Get an overview of ePublisher Express and its key functionalities.
  • Hands-On Express Practice: Dive into ePublisher Express with interactive exercises.

Building Your Foundation

This introductory course equips you with the fundamental knowledge needed to navigate ePublisher confidently. Whether you're new to ePublisher or seeking a refresher, ePublisher 101 lays the groundwork for you to excel in your documentation tasks.

Invest in Your Skills

The cost for this training course is $275.00 per person, with group training discounts available.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Take the first step toward mastering ePublisher by exploring our training dates, discovering group discounts, and registering for one of our upcoming ePublisher 101 sessions. Join us for a foundational understanding of ePublisher's core components and their practical application.

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