ePublisher 2020.1

On this page you will find information specific to the ePublisher 2020.1 release.

See the Version History for a full list of ePublisher version support.

Release Info

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Release Notes

Known Issues

Defect Description Workaround Build of Fix
EPUB2343 FrameMaker 2020 - Cannot initialize API client ... WebWorks.FrameMaker2020.Client.x64.dll Download patch archive: EPUB2343_FM2020_Apiclient.zip.
Instructions included in readme.md file.
Download patch. Fixed in 2021.1.
EPUB2303 Reverb 2.0 - ePublisher Project Variables are overriding built-in page template replacements 2020.1.3780
EPUB2302 Markdown - Baggage files found using hyperlinks are not being coped to the Output 2020.1.3780
EPUB2299 Markdown - Code blocks within lists are sometimes processed as headings 2020.1.3766
EPUB2298 Markdown - Code block within numbered list causes ePublisher process to hang 2020.1.3766
EPUB2292 Markdown - Add Title and ChapterTitle stylenames 2020.1.3728
EPUB2291 Markdown - invalid warning message generated when processing SVG images 2020.1.3728
EPUB2288 Remove legacy Microsoft DLLs used by older, unsupported FDK clients so that security scanners do not flag 2020.1.3728
EPUB2287 Reverb 2.0 - sass variables used to set menu frame padding not working in calc() 2020.1.3728
EPUB2286 Markdown - Preview doesn't display conditions or variables 2020.1.3728
EPUB2285 Markdown - Paragraph syntax takes other syntaxes when not separated by a newline 2020.1.3728
EPUB2284 Markdown - Implement file includes 2020.1.3728
EPUB2283 Markdown - Blockquote works differently than in github markdown 2020.1.3728
EPUB2280 Markdown - Implement nested stylenames 2020.1.3728
EPUB2278 Reverb 2.0 - Search sometimes doesn't present results 2020.1.3728
EPUB2275 Markdown - Better handling of embedded HTML 2020.1.3659
EPUB2274 Markdown - support for variables within source content 2020.1.3659
EPUB2272 Markdown - Two comments get rendered as HTML node 2020.1.3659
EPUB2270 Markdown - support for conditions within source content 2020.1.3659
EPUB2269 Markdown - custom anchors in headings should not be case sensitive 2020.1.3622
EPUB2268 Word - digitally sign wwdoc and transit dotm Word addins for version 2020.1 2020.1.3616
EPUB2267 Reports - Single document printable HTML reports do not load CSS stylesheets 2020.1.3616

Known Issues Explained

We are dedicated to providing regular ePublisher updates throughout the year which include added features and functionality, improved performance, and important bug fixes. However, despite a thorough QA regimen, some issues are bound to slip through the cracks. Here is how we are going to address these issues.

In the days and weeks following each release, we will focus on identifying, diagnosing, and resolving those unforeseen issues that have the biggest impact on all WebWorks users. Those issues will be posted on the release page and the scheduled release in which the defect will be fixed shall be noted.