ePublisher 2021.1

On this page you will find information specific to the ePublisher 2021.1 release. For a full list of ePublisher version support, see the Version History.

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Release Notes

Known Issues

Defect Description Workaround Build of Fix
EPUB2421 Reverb 2.0 - Search scope filter entries for Merge folders are empty 2021.1.4265
EPUB2419 Reverb 2.0 - Pages without at least one TOC heading are missing from parcel 2021.1.4265
EPUB2410 Reverb 2.0 - Loading URL with a Query string causes 404 load error If your Reverb URLs contain a query string (i.e. index.html?variable=foo) then you need to upgrade to this build or later and migrate javascript/xsl customizations to the latest "Base Format Version". 2021.1.4265
EPUB2402 Formats - Group sub-folders not creating nested directories 2021.1.4185
EPUB2399 Reverb 2.0 - Pages with % characters in page filename cause Button and page load failures 2021.1.4173
EPUB2393 Formats - Headings with inline styling have truncated names in TOC, breadcrumbs, mini-tocs, related topics, search titles 2021.1.4149
EPUB2392 Installer - Ghostscript download link was changed 2021.1.4149
EPUB2390 Designer Start Page News causes script error dialog for embedded links 2021.1.4113
EPUB2388 Reverb 2.0 - Search onsubmit does not generate results if input characters less than minimum characters 2021.1.4113
EPUB2386 Remove unused Apache log4j library from Ant helper folders Security Advisory 2021.1.4107
EPUB2384 FrameMaker Document to Group type cast error in log 2021.1.4096
EPUB2383 FrameMaker Add wwFDK.dll dependences for 32-bit version FrameMaker support 2021.1.4090
EPUB2382 Word Digitally sign wwdoc and transit dotm Word addins for version 2021.1 2021.1.4090
EPUB2381 Reverb 2.0 External URLs in baggage_list.xml get indexed in last group 2021.1.4090
EPUB2380 Markdown BOM character breaks parsing at top of document 2021.1.4074

Known Issues Explained

We are dedicated to providing regular ePublisher updates throughout the year which include added features and functionality, improved performance, and important bug fixes. However, despite a thorough QA regimen, some issues are bound to slip through the cracks. Here is how we are going to address these issues.

In the days and weeks following each release, we will focus on identifying, diagnosing, and resolving those unforeseen issues that have the biggest impact on all WebWorks users. Those issues will be posted on the release page and the scheduled release in which the defect will be fixed shall be noted.