ePublisher AutoMap - Streamlining Your Publishing Workflow

Introducing ePublisher AutoMap

AutoMap, a component of the ePublisher suite, redefines efficiency in digital publishing. Designed for both server-based and desktop environments, AutoMap is the powerhouse behind creating and deploying complex online publications. This tool is especially adept at handling extensive publications that demand significant computational resources, coupled with the convenience of e-mail notifications to signal publication readiness. AutoMap seamlessly integrates into existing content management or version control systems, making it an indispensable tool for automated, scheduled publishing in line with your organizational workflows.

Why ePublisher AutoMap?

Advanced Scheduling: With AutoMap's built-in scheduler, set your conversions to run at specific times or intervals, seamlessly integrated with Windows Task Scheduler for secure and reliable execution.

Seamless Version Control Integration: AutoMap works effortlessly with nearly any version control or content management system, ensuring a smooth adaptation to your established processes.

E-mail Notifications: Stay informed with automatic e-mail alerts upon job completion or if issues arise, ensuring you're always up-to-date on your publication's status.

Flexible Deployment Options: AutoMap facilitates automatic deployment to a variety of destinations, including the Internet, intranets, file systems, software build systems, or any other specified location.

Key Features of ePublisher AutoMap

Publish All Targets Simultaneously: Effortlessly generate all or selected targets from your stationery in one go, with the ability to customize deployment options, conditions, variables, and format settings for each target.

Scripting Capabilities: Utilize the built-in script editor with environment variables for creating sophisticated pre-generation and post-generation scripts, catering to advanced document retrieval and deployment needs.

Efficient Batch Operations: Leverage the comprehensive command line interface to create custom scripts, facilitating batch conversion operations and enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

Empower Your Publishing Process with ePublisher AutoMap

AutoMap is not just a tool; it's a solution engineered to optimize and automate your publishing process. Whether it's scheduling conversions for off-peak hours or integrating with your current systems for seamless publishing, AutoMap is designed to meet your needs. Discover how AutoMap can elevate your publishing workflow to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Contact us to learn more about how AutoMap can be the transformative solution for your publishing challenges.

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