ePublisher Express - Your Gateway to Efficient and Professional Desktop Publishing

Introducing ePublisher Express

In the dynamic world of digital publishing, ePublisher Express stands out as a powerful desktop solution, transforming the way professionals create and deploy online content. Designed to integrate seamlessly with industry-standard authoring tools like Adobe FrameMaker and Microsoft Word, ePublisher Express simplifies the publication process, bringing efficiency and precision to your fingertips.

Why ePublisher Express?

Seamless Integration: With native support for Adobe FrameMaker and Microsoft Word, ePublisher Express integrates into your existing workflow, allowing you to publish directly from your favorite authoring environment.

Enhanced Proofing and Compliance: Our tool meticulously scans your content, identifying and alerting you to any style inconsistencies, 508 compliance issues, or broken links. This proactive approach ensures your content meets the highest standards of quality and accessibility.

Real-Time Style and Format Synchronization: Utilize your organization's custom stationery to ensure consistent styling and formatting across all publications. ePublisher Express automatically syncs updates, maintaining uniformity and brand integrity in every project.

User-Friendly Design: Tailored for ease of use, ePublisher Express is designed to be intuitive, requiring minimal training. This means more time creating and less time learning new software.

Key Features of ePublisher Express

Intuitive User Interface: A straightforward, user-friendly interface that allows for quick adoption and ease of use.

Automated Reporting Tools: Stay informed about your document's integrity with built-in reports on style usage, hyperlink accuracy, and compliance issues.

Stationery Compatibility: Leverage the same stationery templates as ePublisher Designer for a consistent look and feel across all your documents, without needing to worry about design details.

Advanced Support for Tables: Exceptional handling of table formats, allowing for more complex and visually appealing table presentations.

Flexible Configuration: Customizable settings to suit your team's needs, including options to enable or disable specific UI elements for a tailored experience.

Join the Ranks of Efficient Publishers

With ePublisher Express, take your digital publishing to the next level. Experience the ease, efficiency, and excellence in desktop publishing that our tool offers. Join the community of professionals who have streamlined their publishing process with ePublisher Express. Contact us for a demo or to learn more about how ePublisher Express can be the solution you've been looking for.

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