Getting 2009.1 Out the Door

Update on ePublisher 2009.1 Release

by Ben Allums
May 5, 2009

Here's an update for those of you looking for your copy of ePublisher 2009.1. We closed out the code tree last week and certified our build (2009.1.20966 if you're interested). That was the easy part. Actually, that was challenging. We integrated our new licensing technology into the release. It works great! Getting it there wasn't always fun.

Now that the bits are cooked, we need to get updated keys out to everyone. Only the new license scheme uses what we call contract IDs instead of license keys. And we don't yet have our process complete for migrating license keys to contract IDs. License keys to license keys, we can do in our sleep. Contract updates are a piece of cake. Migrating this stuff? I believe I used the word challenging earlier.

We're halfway there at this point. We've created corresponding contracts for most license assets. Now we need to let the contracts know what each customer is supposed to be running (FrameMaker, Word, DITA, Pro, Express, AutoMap) and then notify folks through email and the Support case system.

I'll update again later as we make progress.

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