WebWorks Releases ePublisher 2020.1

Announcement of WebWorks ePublisher's release of version 2020.1, highlighting new possibilities, 32-bit and 64-bit options, and Markdown support for content creation.

by Christopher Ward
October 20, 2020

WebWorks Releases ePublisher 2020.1: Exploring New Possibilities

WebWorks proudly presents ePublisher 2020.1 with a theme of new possibilities. We chose this theme because, during our research and conversations with customers, we discovered a common focus on addressing current challenges that might limit their options in the future.

32-Bit and 64-Bit Options

An exciting addition is that ePublisher now offers both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Both versions include all the features introduced in this release, but the 64-bit version manages a larger memory pool. This enhancement enables you to work with more robust Table of Contents, larger images, and more detailed tables. It opens up opportunities to deliver information faster and more efficiently to your audience.

Markdown Support for Content Creation

We've also made strides on the content creation front by adding support for Markdown as an input format. Many of our customers are always looking for ways to encourage Subject Matter Expert (SME) participation by simplifying the process. Markdown has become a preferred format for some SMEs due to its simplicity. However, it traditionally lacks scalability for larger document sets and lacks management tools. That's about to change. ePublisher 2020.1 accepts standard Markdown syntax along with ePublisher custom syntax, providing you with the necessary tools to make Markdown a viable source file format.

To learn more about how ePublisher 2020.1 works with Markdown, don't miss our November's Show Me session, which will focus on Markdown and ePublisher syntax. Due to popular demand, we've added an extra session for November. Click here to register for Show Me today.

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