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by Christopher Ward
September 15, 2021

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Something for Everyone

At the start of the year, we went to Content Creators and asked what issues they faced. Two issues stood out:

  1. How can we simplify the process of capturing information?
  2. How can we provide users with quick and powerful publishing?

Once we started the work, we realized just how big this release was going to be. We knew that if we were going to come up with solutions, we needed to be sure to give Content Creators everything they need. ePublisher 2021 is here and it was worth the wait because this release is packed and it has something for everyone.

Designer Enhanced Preview Experience

Designer Display Preview now is a split screen showing a HTML preview of the file selected and the style designer. This work area helps guide ePublisher users where to make styling decisions and then immediately shows a preview of those changes to get a sense of what they will look like in the generated output. The Designer Display Preview can also help ePublisher users identify where ePublisher manages zones in list and tables so ePublisher users can make adjustments to get that perfect appearance.

Display Preview

Improved PDF XSL-FO Output

In ePublisher 2021 we upgraded to Apache FOP 2.6 and fined tuned our PDF XSL-FO output with stronger default settings so ePublisher users can get closer to production ready output, right out of the box. These default settings cover paragraphs, list and tables and much more. Extensive testing went into these default settings to give ePublisher users the most optimal layout on multiple screens and HUGE improvements on image handling so ePublisher users PDFs will be print ready. With ePublisher PDF XSL-FO, ePublisher users can present their best solution to their PDF users.

PDF Output

New Features for Online Help

Reverb 2.0 is the most advance HTML5 output that ePublisher users can generate. We give ePublisher users control over search indexing and search results so ePublisher users can fine tune and direct their audience to the information they need the most. ePublisher 2021 is packed with improved search features, new layout design and additional analytics.

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