ePublisher 2013.3

On this page you will find information specific to the ePublisher 2013.3 release.

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Known issues as of 2014-07-17

Defect Number Description Workaround Status


FrameMaker: Unable to render blank frame

ePublisher reports a rendering error when source FrameMaker documents contain anchored frames without any content.

Fixed in ePublisher 2013.3 build 1676


ePublisher: Reporting errors when peeking image files

ePublisher reports an XML parse error when peeking into image files.

[Error] Data at the root level is invalid.
        Line 1, position 1.
[Error] Invalid character in the given encoding.
        Line 1, position 1.

Fixed in ePublisher 2013.3 build 1676


ePublisher: Temp files sometimes not unique

Customers converting large AutoMap jobs reported random conversion failures over many runs. Issue found to be a collision on temp file names being reused.

Fixed in ePublisher 2013.3 build 1676


FrameMaker: Table row span validation

Changes made for the ePublisher 2013.3 release to address empty rows due to conditional text settings failed to adjust row spans.

Fixed in ePublisher 2013.3 build 1676


Word 2013: Style scan failure

Default Word 2013 can interfer with ePublisher style scanning. Conversions are no affected.

Fixed in ePublisher 2013.3 build 1676


Word: Image rasterization performance

Identified an issue where unnecessary work was being performed on Word documents. Significant performance penalty on large Word documents.

Fixed in ePublisher 2013.3 build 1676


PDF: Long Unicode paths result in missing links

File paths longer than 127 characters result in links being dropped during PDF production.

Fixed in ePublisher 2013.3 build 1676


Word: Images added via cut/paste from email fail to rasterize

When images are cut and pasted into Word, the cid: protocol is used to embed the image. This URL is valid only on a given user's system. URLs of this form should be ignored and processed as embedded images instead of as by-reference images.

Fixed in ePublisher 2013.3 build 1676


FrameMaker: Extend retry scope on duplicate and apply settings operation

Expanded ePublisher's retry logic for handling FrameMaker instabilities or crashes during document processing.

Fixed in ePublisher 2013.3 build 1676

EPUB1635 Formats: Google Search Bot interpreting JavaScript redirects as 301s Available through Support prior to ePublisher 2016.1 build 1278 Fixed in ePublisher 2016.1 build 1278 for format library versions 2013.3, 2014.1, 2015.1, 2016.1

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